Bring Your Favorite Shutterstock Images to Life With Alumifi

Bring Your Favorite Shutterstock Images to Life With Alumifi

Alumifi is thrilled to offer our customers the ability to integrate their favorite Shutterstock images into any of our company’s panels.


Metal wall art displays are available in these three different styles at Alumifi:

  • Square for your favorite centralized compositions 
  • Panoramic that captures sweeping views  
  • Standard for everything in between


Alumifi produces art prints through a dye-sublimation process that chemically infuses ink with metal. As a result, each of our prints are incredibly durable to ensure that your favorite Shutterstock images last a lifetime. 

Shutterstock and Alumifi Go Hand In Hand


Shutterstock gives users access to over 350+ million images that are sourced from more than one million contributors, you are able to find nearly any image imaginable. You can select your favorite Shutterstock imagery directly within our platform on the gallery page. In addition, your ability to turn your favorite Shutterstock images into an Alumifi metal art print gives you more display options so we can focus on optimizing your products, site experience, and customer service. 


You might already have a Shutterstock image you’d like to use on an Alumifi print. Don’t worry if you haven’t picked out a picture. Exploring Shutterstock’s extensive inventory of quality images is half of this process’s fun. 


We make it easy to choose an Shutterstock image you like. Click on the Shutterstock Gallery and begin your search. Once you find the perfect picture, click on the aspect ratio that fits your needs most! We offer aspect ratios in Square, Rectangle, and Panoramic.


When to Use Square Alumifi Prints for Your Shutterstock Image


Square formatted photos are becoming increasingly prevalent thanks to social media sites like Instagram. In addition, smartphone camera settings allow you to implement a 1:1 ratio that creates quality square photos at a moment’s notice.  


Have you found a square Shutterstock image that’s grabbed your attention? Make the most of your favorite 1:1 ratio Shutterstock photos with Alumifi’s square prints that provide ideal levels of symmetry. 


It’s natural to wonder whether or not any square image will make an exceptional Alumifi print. Narrow your search for a square Shutterstock photo to submit to Alumifi by identifying photos with focused subjects. Square photos use a smaller frame that highlights their subjects through a reduction of environmental elements. This precise level of focus allows subjects to fit effortlessly into a square photo’s symmetrical frame. 


Instagram was onto something when they went with square images for their site’s standard photo format. Square photos utilize a tight crop that creates an action-centric shot. So if you see a Shutterstock photo that would generate plenty of likes on Instagram—chances are it’ll receive the same level of praise as an Alumifi metal wall print. 


When to Use Panoramic Alumifi Prints for Your Shutterstock Image


Turn your favorite sweeping Shutterstock images into aesthetically pleasing metal wall art with Alumifi’s Panoramic print size. Photographers opt for a panoramic perspective when a standard or wide lens can’t capture all scenes' action.


Panoramic photos combine multiple camera shots that allow a photographer to fit more within their final frame.


Go big or go home with a panoramic print from Alumifi. Sweeping nature shots and magnificent landscape pictures from Shutterstock take on a life of their own with Alumifi’s panoramic print size. 


Endless options await. Browse Shutterstock’s panoramic collection today to gather some inspiration for a stellar Alumifi piece. 


When to Use Standard Sized Alumifi Prints for Your Shutterstock Image


Achieve a proportional happy medium with Alumifi’s standard-sized metal art prints. Alumifi standard prints allow you to balance panoramic and square images to bring out the best of your chosen Shutterstock images. 


You’ll find that many Shutterstock images utilize a standard format through photography fundamentals like the rule of thirds. A significant percentage of digital cameras carry a standard 3:2 aspect ratio that carries over from film. Standard-sized prints focus on the frame’s center, with most cropping taking place within the shot’s edges. 


Please keep reading to learn how to play to our substrate’s strengths with your favorite Shutterstock photos. 


What Alumifi Does Best


Take your Alumifi art print to the next level with Shutterstock images that contain highly saturated colors. Red, green, and blue are a few color shades that pop within our substrate. Saturated colors give your Alumifi print a high level of contrast that produces head-turning visual flair. 


Below are a few examples of Shutterstock images that offer ideal levels of color contrast: 

  • Sunsets 
  • Black and white realism
  • Forrest images 


Images lacking contrast won’t display our substrate’s talents. An example of a low-contrast image is a snowy landscape that primarily contains white. Aside from the lack of contrast, Alumifi’s substrate wouldn’t yield high-caliber results with this type of image since our substrate doesn’t begin with a bright white.