How to Choose the Correct Sized Print For Your Home

How to Choose the Correct Sized Print For Your Home

Selecting the right sized print for your home doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming process. Alumifi offers happiness in these three different print sizes:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Panoramic

We’re going to break down what each print format has to offer so you can select your Alumifi print size with confidence. Your final result will be an edge-to-edge photo print that allows your most memorable moments to shine the way they’re meant to.

Let’s begin with square prints.


Square Prints

Digital technology has made capturing the perfect square photo more accessible than ever. iPhones capture photos in a 4:3 photo by default. Adjusting your iPhone’s camera ratio to a 1:1 square ratio allows you to take pictures that mirror the work of medium format cameras. 

Most people are familiar with square photos through Instagram’s standard uploading format. You might be wondering why Instagram chose to adopt square formatting for their platform. Square-sized photos fit seamlessly into an Instagram user’s feed and grid. Instagram’s decision to emphasize 1:1 photos sets the stage for a consistent and user-friendly format. 

The benefits of square photos don’t solely apply to Instagram. 

One upside to square prints is their symmetry. You don’t have to be a pro photographer to appreciate the aesthetic boost that symmetry provides. Square photos utilize a smaller frame size to remove distracting environmental elements that create a focused and symmetrical image.

We’re now able to notice the precise sense of balance that square prints offer. This balance leads to a tight crop that helps a photographer fill their frame with a stunning action shot. We recommend square prints for all of your Instagram-worthy moments. 

Here’s are some reasons ways a square Alumifi print can benefit your interior space:

  • Black and white photos look stunning in a square format
  • The ideal format for photos with the subject(s) in the middle or close to the edge
  • Helps remove empty or dull areas from a photography shot
  • Square format prints emphasize shot lines and geometric shapes

Panoramic Prints 

It didn’t take long for smartphone photographers to jump on the panoramic train in 2012. Apple’s iOS 6 Camera app debuted their panorama feature that made panoramic picture taking an effortless endeavor. 

Panoramic photos are a go-to option for many photographers looking to capture nature landscapes adequately. Multiple camera shots come together to create a panoramic photo’s comprehensive visual framework. 

Wide-angle lenses usually aren’t going to cut it when you’re looking for a larger-sized print. A single wide-angle lens shot might not be enough to capture your entire scene. You might deal with some extra unwanted distortion if you cover your whole scene with a wide-angle lens. 

Below are a handful of tricks that can help you produce your ideal panoramic shot:

  • Use a tripod to achieve axis alignment
  • Position your camera vertically for shots
  • Overlap your photos by one-third and take multiple photos 
  • Use panoramic photo merging software
  • Use Apple or Android smartphone’s panorama photography modes

Alumifi offers panoramic print sizes so you can display all of the beauty that large-sized prints have to offer in a detailed fashion.

Rectangle Sized Prints 

Alumifi’s rectangle-sized prints strike a perfect middle ground between panoramic and square prints. Framed family pictures are an example of a photography scenario that can greatly benefit from standard-sized printing. 

Many digital cameras adopt a standard 3:2 aspect ratio as a carry-over from film photography. 35mm film cameras contain a 3:2 aspect ratio. 

Shooting wide with a standard format gives you more freedom to crop images during editing. Do your best not to focus too far out when shooting wide within a standard aspect ratio. Cropping in too far to capture an out-of-focus subject can significantly reduce the image’s quality. You’re going to want to place your attention on the center of the frame as a standard shot’s edges typically receive most of the cropping. 

When looking for the ideal balance between square and panoramic formatting, Alumifi covers you with standard-sized prints. 

Choose the Correct Sized Print For Your Home the Easy Way

Making the most of your favorite photographs starts and ends at Alumifi. Get started with Alumifi today by utilizing our streamlined ordering system that consists of three easy steps:

  1. You’ll begin your Alumifi order by picking a standard, panoramic, or square print style.
  2. Choosing your style opens the door to multiple size selections.
  3. Lastly, you’ll upload the picture you want us to print from your smartphone or computer.

Do you have any more questions relating to our products? The FAQ section of our website might point you in the right direction. Feel free to fill out Alumifi’s contact form for inquiries that exist outside our FAQ page. 

Alumifi offers a wide variety of house prints that provide the exceptional level of durability and visual appeal that our custom prints contain. Take the stress out of choosing the properly sized print for your home with Alumifi metal prints.