Below you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions by customers:


Q: What format should my image be? (For custom orders)

A: Custom order files should be saved as a JPG or PNG

Q: What's the color profile (CYMK or RGB)?

A: We can accept either CMYK or RGB files

Q:  What should the resolution of my image be?

A: Ideally, images are printed at 300 dpi or higher. Some images are restricted as to how big they can be printed based on image quality. If you select a size and format that's too big we will notify you and offer alternatives.

Q: Hanging Instructions

A: Our prints can be hung horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait) using our laser-cut keyholes.

Q: Bleed instructions (For custom orders)

A: There are no special instructions for bleeds. Our prints wrap around the sides so this is already built in to your image.

Q: Photo editing services? Do we offer? (For custom orders)

A: We will work with you on special orders as needed. Additional charges my apply.

Q: Custom sizes?

A: We offer 17 sizes in standard format, square and panoramic.

Q: What's the lead time?

A: Finished prints typically ship 7-10 days after we receive the artwork. Images purchased from our existing collections ship in 3-5 days.

Q: Where do we ship?

A: We ship worldwide although additional charges may apply based on your zip code.

Q: Damaged goods

A: If you receive a damaged print contact us directly to remedy the situation.

Q: How to maintain my print

A: Our prints are super easy to clean. Any non abrasive cleaner will safely remove fingerprints etc.

Q: Outdoor mounting

A: Due to UV exposure we recommend our prints stay indoors.

Q: What's the thickness and material of the metal?

A: Our aluminum is .04 thick which is the perfect blend of durability and light weight.

Q: Corner/side construction

A: Our prints are pressed and formed into their finished shape after they are sublimated which allows our images to wrap 360 degrees around the print.

Q: Finish and background

A: Currently we offer a semi-gloss finish on our natural sheet metal for optimal reflectivity and brilliance.

Q: How long will my prints last?

A: With proper care, your print will last decades into the future.



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